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The Concept of Holotronic.dk

Back in the late days of the period when AMD had the performance crown of PC CPU's and Apple opened up for the possibility of running osx on regular PC hardware, I had a phone conversation with an Apple employe.


At some point in the conversation I asked him why Apple had chosen to use "crappy" hardware for their transition ?


His response was to inform me that he'd had a bit fatigue having been to a meeting all day and put to me the question:

What did this Holotronic thing mean anyhow ?


Hmmm at this point in the conversation I was unable to try to explain that that:

 the idea came from the words Holistic and Electronic and the concept was to act as a portal to the new reality rising rapidly behind the current paradigm horizont. 

So I diverted the answer and made a mental note to look it up in our family Websters Dictionary dating from around 1960-1965.


Quoting From my memory (as the dictionary seems to have been lost currently):

Holo ---> Holistic being part of a whole, a wholeness

Trön --> scale, a heavybalance weight with a fine gradient.

IC   ---> Jesus Christ.


-->  (go in the balance of Jesus Christ ?)

Having the notion of being living in this over christened western society (By laws and regulations), my response to this information was:

Well we have been living with the bible for 2000 years (new testament), isn't it time to move on ?

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The main fields in this project are:

Development of Electronic control solutions(fpgs's, microprocessors, etc).

Music: Composing, playing, + development of electronic instruments and interface solutions.

The art of Healing: I now work with developing healing methods via balancing subtle energies  with e-sense techniques learnt at Møllegården. in Osted Dk. 

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TODO list:
* implement a webform so users can send me mails. --> working.(Done)

* fix footer display on musicpage(Done)

* test the site in IE(Done)
* clean up the file structure and rearrange folders.(done)
** get feedback from users. --> In progress(open)

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